About Moment Wall Art

Moment Wall Art is based in London. We provide premium quality wall art prints in the UK. We offer a curated collection of art print designs from artists all over the world and across the centuries. You can browse the prints we offer by all sorts of details, such as the artist's nationality, the main colours of the piece, or dimensions of the design, to find the perfect piece of wall art decor for your home, office or any space that could do with some aesthetic improvements. Wall art prints also make excellent gifts for all sorts of recipients and special occasions.


What payment methods do you accept?
We accept payment via debit or credit card, Apple Pay and Google Pay.
Is payment safe and secure?
Yes. Payment is handled by our industry-leading payment provider Stripe. We never see or have access to your payment details.
Do you deliver internationally?
Currently we only offer our wall art prints in the UK.
How do you deliver the prints?
Prints are delivered coiled inside a light but strong cardboard prism, a bit like a Toblerone bar. This reduces the amount of flattening required after you open the package.
Can I have a print delivered directly to a recipient as a gift?
Yes -- just fill in your gift recipient's delivery address in checkout.
Can I have a print delivered to myself?
Yes -- just fill in your delivery address in checkout.
Do you offer custom prints?
We currently do not offer custom prints, in order to focus on our curated collection of wall art print designs.
Where are you based?
Moment Wall Art is based in London, England.
How can I contact you?
You can send an email to harry@momentwallart.co.uk.